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Located inside the Yours Truly DC Hotel, Washington D.C. Mercy Me, emerges as a dynamic establishment infused with South American inspiration, seamlessly harmonizing the elements of a restaurant, bar, and lounge to create an unique dining experience. Our culinary and beverage offerings draw inspiration from the diverse and storied tapestry of South American cuisine. We pay homage to its timeless traditions while embracing the ongoing evolution of cultural influences that have contributed to the rich culinary heritage of Latin America.


Situated at the heart of Mercy Me, the Bar takes center stage as the focal point and star of the establishment. Our atmosphere exudes a sophisticated cocktail lounge vibe, featuring innovative cocktails meticulously crafted by Beverage Director Radovan Jankovic and Head Bartender Stefan Sokic.


On the patio behind Mercy Me, a permanent pop-up space undergoes seasonal transformations four times a year. The current installation, El Chalet, draws inspiration from the winter charm of Patagonia. Indulge in Argentine cuisine and warm cocktails beside an open fire, surrounded by the coziness of winter pines and decor that echoes the inviting atmosphere of a mountain retreat.


Explore beyond a simple dining experience in our exclusive Listening private dining room. Enjoy a sit-down dinner featuring a prix fixe menu in a tailored ambiance, that can be enhanced by a live DJ curating a unique vinyl tracklist for your event.