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This spring, embark on a culinary journey like no other with "Omakase Nomad at Mercy Me," nestled within The Cherry Blossom Garden. Experience Omakase like never before—accessible, amidst the cherry blossoms, whether indoors or outdoors, featuring an affordable tasting menu showcasing the season's freshest fish and flavors. 

Over six exclusive Sundays starting April 7th, join us for a 90-minute exploration into the art of sushi with two of DC's rising sushi chefs: The Omakase Nomad. The menu is a curated symphony of tastes. The classic Omakase is  includes Otsumami, 12 pieces of nigiri, dessert, totaling 6 courses. The premium Omakase offers Otsumami, 17 pieces of nigiri (including A5 Wagyu and Hokkaido Uni among others), dessert, and encompasses a total of 8 courses—each selected to highlight the season's best.

This pop-up is presented by The Omakase Nomad team, renowned for their innovative pop-ups and deep passion for sushi. They have evolved from small, intimate gatherings of 12 guests to a culinary phenomenon in the District, with hundreds on their waitlist.

Join us for their second public collaboration ever with Unordinary Hospitality at Mercy Me's Cherry Blossom Garden, starting April 7th for 6 weeks only. Secure your tickets now.