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Pickup Feasts, Kits & Sweets

Take Thanksgiving off this year; you've cooked too much during quarantine anyhow. We'll be carefully preparing all the Thanksgiving classics with a sorta South American accent fully cooked and ready to reheat. Order a feast for your friends and family or grab some turkey, sauces, or desserts a la carte. 

Need brunch for Friday or Sunday? We've got you covered there as well with Sourdough pumpkin pancake batter, assortments of pastries, and Call Your Mother bagels with Mercy Me schmears. 

Order everything in advance to pick up on Tuesday the 24th or Wednesday the 25th. 

Email us with questions -

Order Thanksgiving Pickups
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Instead of the typical Pre-Thanksgiving, pot-luck dinner hosted in someone’s home, let us cook for you. We have private rooms with ample spacing for groups from 4 on up. 

Enjoy our take on the Thanksgiving classics, or if you’re already planning to be Turkey-ed out, let us create a Sorta South American menu for you. Check out our rooms here and send us an inquiry. Book any time before Thanksgiving.

We're offering a 3 course Thanksgiving Feast for $65 per person with a minimum of 4 guests including a private, sanitized room, hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. Email us below with questions or to inquire about availability. 

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Family Bookings

Need a little space from family coming into town for the holiday? You can book a four-night stay at Yours Truly for $99 a night.

Bringing together a few folks? Send us a note, and we can help arrange a well-spaced wing of hotel rooms and dedicate a private event room and catering for everyone. Responsible spacing, hand sanitizer, masks and gloves all included.